Friday, June 26, 2009

The Death of Michael Jackson

Information is now surfacing that pop star Michael Jackson may have had medications in his system that helped contribute to his cardiac arrest. It has been suspected for quite some time that Jackson had abused certain narcotic medications. The latest report suggests that Demerol (Meperidine) may have been in his system. Demerol is a schedule II controlled substance, which means that it can be abused for its narcotic effect. It can be extremely addicting, and can lead to respiratory depression and have cardiac effects such as dramatic drops in blood pressure.

Certainly, if Demerol is mixed with other substances, including alcohol, the effects can be worsened.

We learn a great deal from stars and politicians because of the publicity surrounding their illnesses and deaths. This knowledge can be a positive to be taken from otherwise sad or senseless problems. If we learn about the dangers of drug abuse from the Michael Jackson story, it is a good lesson. Just because a medication can be prescribed by a doctor does not make it free of danger. It all depends on how medications are used.

You can learn more about Demerol, Morphine or other narcotic drugs of abuse (or any other medication) by logging on to and clicking on the tab called "Medication A-Z"

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