Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fighting With Your Partner and Your Health

If you’re in one of those marriages, where you can’t get through a day without fighting with your spouse, Ohio State researchers have some information for you. They say it could be taking a toll on your health. Couples who regularly battle it out have elevated stress levels that significantly impede their body’s wound healing capacity. Scientists say this is particularly important during times of illness and recovery from surgery when the body is more vulnerable. The study results appear in the archives of General Psychiatry. Forty-two married couples were studied, and the average couple had been married 13 years. During the study, couples discussed marital topics such as money or in-laws, specially selected to provoke an argument. To monitor the discussion’s impact on healing, the researchers created eight tiny blisters on the arms of each spouse prior to the conversations. After removing the wounded skin, the blisters actually healed slower in those who were arguing.

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