Friday, August 14, 2009

Reducing Stress During the Financial Crisis

I can't give you much help on the financial crisis. We have to leave that to the experts, but I can give you advice on how to weather it from a health standpoint. This advice is the same whether you're simply fighting day to day battles over rising gas prices and their effect on the pocketbook, or if you're caught up as a victim in the mortgage crisis. You need to take time, at least a half hour a day, to stretch, exercise, and clear your mind. I don't care if the exercise is a quiet walk by a creek or a game of racket ball, do what your physician allows and build slowly. Block those worries out of your mind. We all need down time and you will begin to cherish it. Remember, far more important than your retirement plan or any money in the bank is guarding your health. Every day, I see patients in the hospital who could care less about money in the bank. They just want to feel better. For more information, click onto

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