Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The latest on H1N1

Lots of question about H1N1, but here’s what we think we know. First of all, the vaccine will probably be given in one dose to most people, some may require two doses, but most will require one. Now as far as distribution of the vaccine, that is still a major question. We’re not sure whether it’s going to be in major health centers, in your local doctor’s office, or in hospital centers, that needs to be figured out for the best distribution. In addition to that, there is another big concern, what about someone who comes to a doctor’s office or the emergency room and has symptoms that appear to be H1N1. Will they get cultures taken? With so many people coming in, it could put a back log on the system. And there is fear that there may be too many cultures and not enough that will be able to be completed. This is a question that will also lead to whether or not treatment is given without cultures. Again, many questions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking at it and trying to figure out the best answers.

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