Sunday, January 31, 2010

e-prescribing: The Future is Now!

It is called ePrescribing and it makes a great deal of sense. As a growing number of doctor's offices start to go electronic, record keeping is basically going to be electronic as well. You will have emailing of prescriptions and taking doctors' traditionally poor handwriting out of the mix. It is becoming a more likely option. Is it going to happen, and what are the drawbacks? Well, the American Medical Association has looked at the issue closely and top on the list is making certain that integrity and security issues for patients needs to be guaranteed. You see, you don't want prescriptions or knowledge of the drugs you take in the wrong hands. The second issue is getting doctors to buy in. Old habits die hard and there are many who are reluctant to trust computers with such a major part of care. I think the key point here is there has to be trust. It will be beneficial in the long-run.

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