Sunday, July 11, 2010

As we head into mid summer....

I probably don’t talk about it enough, but one of the major problems for people is that they don’t take their blood pressure medication over a lifetime. When they don’t take it, they can get heart failure or a weak heart. Now, there are other causes of heart failure. One of the most important is a heart attack which can damage the heart and affect the way it pumps. But, the wear and tear of high blood pressure can definitely weaken the heart. According to a study out of Northwestern University in Chicago, there is one time when high blood pressure may be a good thing and that is during those brief periods of time when there is a stressful event. That’s because the elevation, basically, can show how the heart responds to stress. If it can, it means the heart can be damaged and perhaps incapable of a response. Now, what I think is very important is, if you want to take blood pressure medication, that you understand what you’re taking and how it works

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