Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prostate Cancer Risk and Finger Size???

Let me start off by saying nine bit cynical about this study. However it is definitely very interesting. According to a study in today's issue of the British Journal of Cancer management index fingers are longer than their ring or fourth fingers run a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer. The thought is that finger pattern could help identify men who should undergo screening. You might be wondering about the connection between prostate cancer and finger size. According to a professor at the Institute of Cancer research in Britain the size of the two fingers in question is set before any appears to be a marker of the levels of sex hormones a baby is exposed to in the womb. Studies have shown that the hormone testosterone increases the growth of prostate cancer. Two genes with the names HOXA and HOXD control both finger and the development of sex hormones. As far as I'm concerned until we have more information and further studies we should continue to screen for prostate cancer like we always have. And don't get too concerned about the size of your fingers

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