Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Concerns about Social Media

Many of us are spending far more time in front of computer screens than we ever would have dreamed of. In fact with the development of Facebook and other social media sites we just don't spend time in front of the computer and work we're doing at home. And if you're like many people you're probably jumping on the computer in between some of your favorite television programs. This is why a new Scottish study is so concerning. According to the researchers who looked at 4500 Scottish adults spending at least four hours a day in front of the screen outside of work can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke by 113%. The risk of death is increased by 48%. This is when compared to spending less than two hours of the day with screen time. I'm not recommending that you abandon social media. But you have to be very careful about the combined time you spend in front of the computer or television screen. Remember it's not the time in front of the screen that is hurting you is the time you are not exercising stretching or interacting with other people on a one-to-one basis

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