Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Snow In The Northeast Is Particularly Concerning

This is one of those snowstorms that is particularly concerning if you are someone who is going to try and shovel snow. There is the obvious concern. Shoveling and lifting snow is strenuous exercise and if you're someone who has not been staying in shape, if you are 40 years old or more and have not recently had a physical examination or if you have any history of heart disease the combination of stress from exercise and cold weather can put tremendous strain on the heart. But there is another concern. Yesterday afternoon there was a great deal of sleet and rain which provided the slippery coat underneath the snow that fell throughout the evening. This could lead to numerous slips and falls even for people who are not trying to shovel. It is in this type of snowstorm where we see the emergency rooms filled with people with various fractures. Make sure that you are very very careful as you navigate the snow today and only consider shoveling once you take all of these risks into account

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