Sunday, February 27, 2011

Parents Overtreating Kids for Fever: A growing Problem

Do you have fever phobia? The American Academy of pediatrics says that it is a problem in this country. Fever is one of the most common clinical symptoms in children and certainly if the temperature is elevated it can be a warning sign that there are other problems. The fever is really the bodies way to fight infection and sometimes a low grade fever is not a bad thing. However due to advertising and the ready availability of many medications to control fever there are parents who will turn to medicine when the temperature is 99.5. Many of these medications used to treat fever have side effects themselves. The Academy of pediatrics lists what they consider to be the best recommendations and obviously each case should be considered on an individual basis but over treating a fever is not a good thing. There are two groups were you must take fever is extremely seriously: in children under three months of age and those who have chronic disease. I am not saying to ignore fever but think about how quickly you turn to medications and if you have questions talk with your physician.


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