Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Look at Meaningful Use

The term is meaningful use. The vast majority of people words the meaningful use don't really mean all that much, but in medical circles these two words will dramatically affect the way you receive care. Meaningful use is the way the government has chosen to describe a series of rules and regulations that will help determine how computers and technology will affect the care you are given. The good news is that there are all sorts of regulations put in place that will be used to measure the quality of your care and the way records are kept. The bad news is that many of these regulations were written by politicians or people who have very little to do with the practice of medicine. Overall I believe we are definitely heading into a time where care will be improved especially from an organizational standpoint and consistency of decision-making. My fear is that a great deal of the art of medicine may be left behind with the clicks on a keyboard. The best way to achieve success and we can accept nothing but success is to involve healthcare providers and patients in the process

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  1. Politicians are often careless in writing regulations without consulting the relevant professionals. It's unfortunate if not criminal.