Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mediterranean Diet Make Sense

There has been a great deal of news lately surrounding the Mediterranean diet. We know that this diet is definitely a big help when it comes to fighting heart disease and there are numerous reports that it can increase life expectancy. But, recently there have been several reports looking at whether it helps prevent Alzheimers Disease. The debate goes back and forth and certainly there has been some groundbreaking work from Columbia University looking into the matter. But, I think it is time to make a common sense point. No doubt, there is great reason to continue studies and to research this issue but while we are doing this research and learning more we should still take advantage of the other health benefits of this diet. If there is a decrease in Alzheimers that is yet another advantage.
If you want more information on this diet check out http://www.mymedicalreports.com/ and search "mediterranean diet".

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