Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Start of School is "Around the Corner"

The start of school is not that far off, and certainly there will be the same old challenges we all faced with reading, writing and arithmetic. Of course, many kids today have to deal with far more than that. There is a growing pressure for students to find that "perfect" college --or even high school in some cases. Overzealous parents are "guiding" their children through sports with the outside hope that a scholarship may be in the future. Put simply, many of the things that children used to do for fun are being targeted as "opportunities" for success. As any parent will tell you, these are traps which are easy to fall into. Before you get into the rush of the start of the school year sit back and take a moment to put things into perspective. What is it that you really want for your child? Certainly, success is important but success has many measures including happiness. As you think about this you may also want to take time to speak with a grandparent or another parent with older children. They have usually been down this road and may have some helpful tips from the point of perspective.
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