Friday, August 7, 2009

Financial Stress and The Physical Toll

When you are in practice for many years one of things that happens is that you begin to learn things that are not written in textbooks. This is probably the case in many professions and I am certain many of you could provide me with examples in your field. But because I am in family medicine and deal with different people every day, I have found that my patients often tell me either directly or indirectly things I need to know. For example, although an acute injury can be painful, frightening and even life threatening, a chronic injury can take a more severe toll because of the day to day grind. Think of conditions like arthritis, migraine headaches or emphysema. This is why I am concerned about those who are out of work or just barely making it in this economy. Chronic stress can affect the entire body and over time our ability to handle it can worsen. If you find yourself in this position, talk about it and get help if you need it.

On there is a specific "exam room" which has dozens of reports on stress. Take a look and listen.

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