Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stress and The Working Mom

It is an issue that gets very little attention but it should. We all know that stress..or too much stress...can play a very dramatic role on our health. Whether it is something that happens fast, like a major loss, or something that has to be dealt with over time, it can have a role in raising blood pressure, lead to tension headaches or potentially affect the aging process in a wide variety of ways. For many women the responsibilities of a full time job combined with the traditional role and expectations of being a mother can be an overwhelming stress that can lead to pressure day after day. Certainly the combination of duties can be difficult, but the psychological pressure of feeling that you are not completing each job to personal satisfaction can be a strain. If you feel this way, you should talk about it with others. Certainly most 9-5 jobs can be demanding but any full time Mom will tell you there job is never done. Don't put unrealistic pressure on yourself. For more information check out http://www.mymedicalreports.com/


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