Monday, August 3, 2009

Concerning News About HIV

There is a great deal of attention being paid to the discovery of a new strain of HIV and certainly this is important, but it is not unexpected. HIV is a retrovirus and a retrovirus has the ability to mutate quite easily. This ability to a mutate or change means that for a wide variety of reasons it can adjust to what is perceived as a threatening environment. We can expect it to change many more times. What may be more concerning came from the same report. This is news that people with herpes virus (millions of people) are more likely to come down with HIV when exposed. Now, we have known for more than fifteen years that if there is an open lesion from Herpes, HIV may have easier access but his latest report found it has nothing to do with an open wound. Just a history of herpes is necessary. I know many want to live in denial and minimize the dangers of HIV, but it is still around and stronger than ever. For more information check

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