Saturday, October 17, 2009

World Trade Center Tragedy Revisited

I remember as if it was yesterday. Christie Todd Whitman, who was with the Environmental Protection Agency, was essentially telling New Yorkers not to worry, the air was clean after the World Trade Center collapse and in the days following it. Even I, from a distance, knew this can’t be right. There’s too much particulate matter. What we’re finding now is that my suspicions, and the suspicions of many, are in fact true. It’s called World Trade Center Cough and a study out of Mount Sinai in New York showed that 70% of recovery workers who responded to Ground Zero on September 11 have reported lung problems. Now of course, thousands of workers are suing New York and its contractors for issues like sinusitis, cancer and other ailments. If you have particulate matter in the air, that particulate matter can affect you at all levels. For more information on this check

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