Monday, January 11, 2010

High Stress and Health Problems

Let's face it. We live in a high stress society and certainly the economy is not making things much better. People feel the stress. They think there are more things they should be doing, more goals they should be achieving, and more work that should be done. As a result, people are feeling pressure and over time this kind of pressure can actually lead to heart disease, it can increase the risk of cancer, and it can cause all sorts of health problems. Several key studies have linked stress to a wide variety of physical problems. Obviously, it's easy to tell everyone to reduce stress, but this can be difficult. My feeling is you have to figure out what you can do to reduce stress and to try to put more relaxation into your life. If you can possibly do that, these are things that will make a major difference not only in the short-term, but also in your overall longevity. You need to take breaks and you need to not fall prey to stress.

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  1. Well said. I completely agree on your point. In a Crisis full circumstances, I tend to work more to secure my LIFE. As mentioned, it will lead serious injury on our Health. Even Weekends, people are forced to work more. After reading your blog, I wish to go more vacation on Weekends.