Monday, February 22, 2010

Fast Food concerns

Are you a fast food fanatic? Do you seem to grab something on the run more than three times a week. It is easy to do. If you think about it, you could grab a quick meal when the kids have evening sports, a lunch on the road during a sales call, or a fast breakfast before the morning meeting. It's easy to do. The problem is every time you turn to fast food, you get a lot of empty calories. What's an empty calorie? An empty calorie is one that is high in fat. I'm not telling you to totally eliminate fast food, but you've got to think about it. You need to make a conscious effort to limit it. You won't believe what a difference it can make in your weight. We have seen studies where people have actually reduced the amount of fast food they had by two meals a week and they've dropped as many as three pounds in the course of a month. It can be dramatic results.

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