Thursday, January 13, 2011

Electronic Medical Records and Your Health

We talked about electronic medical records and many doctors offices and hospitals are becoming computerized before. But there are definitely certain advances that were are witnessing and about to see as a result of this. One of the biggest is the fact that we have a potential improvement in what we call quality. In all businesses quality means better service and materials. In medicine it means providing great care and reducing the number of mistakes. For obvious reasons this is important. It isn't really the electronic entering of data that makes us avoid mistakes. Certainly when you eliminate bad handwriting it is helpful. Quality can be improved by having better information and statistics about patient care to be used to help in future patient care. Here is an example. I may prescribe a certain medication for a patient"s urinary tract infection. With electronic medical records I will always have that in my computer system. If I want to I can then look up every patient who was placed on that medication and see how well the medication worked in my practice with my patients. In the past I had a look at studies that were done on a national level if in fact someone bothered to do that study. I can use that information to provide better care.


  1. I think another great advantage of electronic records is simply the ability to look up the information you need without leafing through hundreds or thousands of portfolios.

  2. EMR can contribute in a major way for the betterment and advancement of health care.It would be a big help because it provides an accurate information and accelerate the creation of results.