Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gun Control?? We need it in some form

There are dozens of theories surrounding what happened in Arizona last week and the ways it may have been prevented. The only thing certain is there is probably not one answer to that question. When an individual acts out in such a bizarre and violent way people often ask couldn't someone have seen this coming. Although we're only watching the specifics of this case from the outside I think it's safe to say that a person could have predicted an unusual behavior or action but nothing to this extent. But many have made an excellent point. There is no doubt we need to find a more effective way to control the distribution of guns in this country. This is not a political statement by the medical statement based on the fact that there are too many weapons out there and what appears to be ineffective oversight of the distribution and management of these weapons. It is unlikely that stricter standards would have prevented this individual from gaining access to a weapon and using it but it is safe to say that some of these powerful weapons they can shoot numerous rounds could be more difficult to obtain. I say this not because of the events in Arizona alone but because of the numerous shootings that occur every day throughout our country. Arizona just highlights the issue. We talk about national conversations and this is one that the politicians should be focusing on

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