Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is It Time For Tougher Laws on Texting?

Driving Under The Influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind should be punished and punished severely. I think most of us have no problem at all agreeing with that statement, but there is a potential cause of severe accidents that put us all at risk that are much more difficult to manage. The problem: texting on a cellphone. If you think about it, in the time it takes someone to either dial a number manually or glance down at a text message and fire off an answer, a major tragedy can occur. But, are we willing to take the license of a teenager or adult businessperson texting a message? Are we willing to pass a severe blanket law banning texting and are we willing to take the time and effort to track those messages and defend a case? If you don't use the texting feature yourself, the odds are that your children use it. It is very difficult to ignore a beep or ring of a message coming to the phone. All it takes is one look down to read the message and you can imagine the potential tragedy. It seems stiff regulations with punishment are steps worth taking, but will we?

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