Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pity The Pro Baseball Players

I am stunned. Sitting on vacation and watching yet another Boston-NYY game being forced down the nation's throat like another Brett Favre retirement update, I learned about how the Players Union of the MLB commented that testing from several years ago may be unreliable. Players may have taken supplements..not steroids.

At this point I don't care about who took them or didn't. I am more concerned that many players continue to take just about anything that can't be tested (HGH for example). They are still hurting their bodies (which is why I care) and still serving as the worst possible role models. The network carrying the games isn't helping matters. Two examples: cutting into the game of the week to show each of Manny Ramirez at bats after suspension and presenting one side of the MLB Players' Association news conference before the game yesterday.

Here is the bottom line. Performance enhancing drugs do exactly that--they enhance performance. But they also have devastating side effects for the individuals who abuse them in an illegal matter. Bud Selig, the union and the players themselves can do FAR more, but they are choosing to continue to look the other way. Sadly, it appears that the media that covers these athletes may be losing its resolve. Most of these players are young and not worried about what will happen to them in their fifties and above. Sadly, they may be forced to look back and wonder why nobody seemed to care.

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