Friday, November 26, 2010

Nursing Shortages..Shortages All Around

If you've been a patient in a hospital in recent years, if you work in a hospital, or if you keep up with the want ads, you probably know there is a nursing shortage. Hospitals have problems because of the shortage and there are other issues like increases in the number of patients, there's personal time, and there's leave of absences. In addition to that, it isn't just nurses. There are other staff members where they do not have enough people to staff a hospital. Add onto this the financial worries that many hospitals have, the fact that some hospitals are run as a business and others aren't, and you realize that if you're a patient, you're not necessarily sure always what kind of care your going to get because there's so much variety in how it's approached. My personal view is you need to check out your hospital and see if it's a place you want to be before you're sick. You need to examine how patients are treated and evaluate them. It's a very important step.

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