Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Safety: Driving

We talk a great deal about drunk driving and certainly this is a major issue when it comes to safety on the road. Today you need to be particularly careful about so many people travelling and, yes, some who may be drinking and driving. Be extra alert and wear seatbelts! Of course, we are at risk every day we take to the road.

Accoring to the National Sleep Foundation a problem of importance may be drowsy driving. According to their sleep in America poll, 28% of Americans have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel in 2009. If that's not bad enough, more than 50% say they've driven while drowsy. So how can you avoid the problem. There are several key tips try to avoid driving at times when you'd normally be sleeping. If you are on a long drive if possible don't drive alone use the buddy system. Pull over to a safe place and take a nap if you feel sleepy and perhaps most important don't be in a rush to get we are going.

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